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I’ve had plenty of people ask what SA Training is all about.  So, I’ve decided to write this article and go over some of the main questions I get on a consistent basis.

Speed Camp

What is SA Training?

SA, standing for Speed & Agility is a training class designed to increase a person’s athleticism and speed.  Included in a session is …

Dynamic Warm up to minimize and reduce injury

Correct Technique to increase efficiency of the movements

Strength Exercises for increased force applied to leg strike.

Accelerated Starts for explosive first steps and quick directional changes

Flexibility to increase strength and reduce injury risk

Who is it for?

SA Training is great for Everyone.

For a beginner who is not familiar with sports or different movements, this training is a great place to start.  Drills are taught in progression and must be understood before moving on.

For a more advanced person, this training is a great place to review and sharpen the tools and skills that is necessary to compete at a high level.  This is the perfect offseason workout.

Will my son or daughter get faster?

Absolutely.  If the athletes do as the program suggests, results will be seen.  In fact, on the first and last days of the sessions, we will time some distances to assess improvements.

The younger, more inexperienced athletes will see a quicker progress than the older, more experienced athlete where he or she may not see progress until 2 or 3 months later.  This is due to our body’s limitations.  As we get older and more experienced, we get closer to those limitations.  In order to gain an advantage over the rest, a person must set forth the mindset and determination to make this a priority on a weekly basis even without the sessions.

In an article by Stanford Graduate  and Owner of Performance Science Training Institute, C.J. Easter writes about how his hard work, application of correct techniques, and routine enabled him to surpass his competition.  But it took him the time between his freshman and senior years to go from being the slowest at his position to being the 4th fastest on his entire team.  I have applied many of Coach Easter’s techniques along with my own to develop an efficient and effective program.

Is it fun?

This is a question I will get from parents and children alike who simply want to find something to be in.

Many come to the camp thinking its going to be all business.  Only exercises and lectures.  No fun, No games.  Well, at the end, they are happy they came because they worked hard and accomplished something, and at the same time, had fun.

The environment of the session is of constant moving.  People are not sitting or standing around for very long.  I believe the constant movement keeps people alert and engaged better in the activity.


There are Games!  Near the end of a good workout, there are agility oriented games such as tag, relay races, and dodgeball.  Also, games are modified to a more accelerated form.  For example, dodgeball won’t be regular dogdeball, but rather played in closer parameters or on a timer, making use of better agility and matrix-like moves.

So…don’t wait any longer.  Join the next training to start your journey to a more efficient and explosive athlete! 

AUTHOR: John Williams
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