I reflect on this past year and all the experiences I have had.  I have grown so much in many aspects of my life, namely professional and educational.  This has been a year of new experiences as I embraced the challenge of working with a Pre-school age group for the Pee Wee Soccer and Sports Medley class at the Sherman Parks & Recreation.  I thank them for offering the class to me along with their trust and support with other NLTI  sport camps and trainings.

With the readings of several books such as Coach Wooden’s 7 Principles that shaped his life and will Change Yours, I have been given great insight on how he had applied his principles to his players throughout the years.  It seems evident that his long list of achievements and records are in large part due to his faith and values he lived by.   One of his many great quotes that stuck with me was “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”  In the past, having the passion for others to do the right thing had often put me in confrontational situations.  I don’t have any regrets in my educational or coaching experiences, but  I realize through Wooden that I can achieve the same result, and maybe even better by expressing the same p.o.v. in a different way.

During the daytime, I also have the luxury of working with a great staff at my daytime job at the elementary school which has allowed me to continue to hone my craft as an educator and a teacher.  I get to see and practice firsthand some effective teaching techniques that enable me to reach and connect with the students.

Going into the new year, I will am dedicated to over delivering and providing an experience that exceeds expectations.  If you have not already done so, be sure to go to the website  THE NLTI  and sign up on my blog to receive updates, discounts, and articles.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to a growing and productive 2014!

AUTHOR: John Williams
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