Last night we held our  NLTI Athlete of the Year Announcement.  Looking back, there’s so much more that I would have liked to have done and said, but I guess I needed to get the first one done so I can make the next one in 2017 better.

I think expectations are always high at the NLTI as the youth get pushed to do their best, but receiving recognition for outstanding performance gives the youth incentive and something to look forward to when they put in hard work.

Of course, putting in hard work doesn’t guarantee a physical reward to all of us, and that’s how life works.  I believe our goal in life should be to work hard just to survive, and anything else is a bonus.  Of course some of us get more bonuses than others, and I have nothing but praise for those who are blessed with financial freedom, have time with the family, travel the world, etc.  But we live in a culture that believes every little deed should be recognized to get our best effort and get money, bonuses, etc.  Our standards continue to go down and we think our bosses should be happy that we even showed up…well you know, since we’re doing more than most by getting out of bed and going somewhere to work.

I believe a recognition such as these weekly awards allow a couple of things to happen.  It allows as I previously mentioned, something for the youth to aim at.  It also serves a vital lesson that not everyone wins, yet we still work hard…we work hard to keep improving ourself.  In the meantime, we congratulate those who did win, and even stay to watch as the others receive their awards.  And we look on, not in envy, but in appreciation for what they’ve accomplished and helping us raise our standards as we still aim to reach our goals.  Without everyone around us performing their best, we won’t get the best out of ourselves.


AUTHOR: John Williams
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