Athlete of the Week (AOW)


Athletes, as the rest of us, love to get praise and recognition for their efforts. This program will give athletes extra exposure and recognition for their efforts in their training of the previous week.


The athlete will be picked every week based on their performance, work ethic, and attitude of that weeks training. It is encouraged that the athlete demonstrates the same performance outside the training, such as good behavior at home and at school.
When picked, we will ask you, the parent to submit a picture and a brief description highlighting their achievements, favorite things, and maybe something unique about them.

Social Posts:

Facebook Posts are usually entered on Sunday Evenings and will be added in on the NLTI Newsletter when sent to the mailing list.

End of the Year Award!

One of the weekly winners will be picked for an End of the Year Prize. The decision will be based on several factors such as consistent academic and athletic performance as well as overall behavior and services to the community. We will reach out to parents in November and ask for a summary of their AOW’s highlights and accomplishments over the past few months. We will then make a decision by the end of December.

Thank You and Good Luck to your Athletes!

Recent 2016 Winners