PercyHarvinTDIf any of you watched the Super Bowl last night, you got to witness an exciting game….well, at least for one team.  The Seahawks were able to showcase their dominance of speed on both sides of ball.  The defense was closing gaps quicker than Peyton could throw the ball, Russell Wilson was escaping and bursting for extra yards all night, and in case you missed it, because you might have since it was so fast, Percy Harvin dazzled us with his break away speed and cuts with a halftime kickoff touchdown.  I hope you were back in time from halftime.

It is obvious that speed is an essential skill that is needed to compete at a high level.  That is why a good speed training program is a must.  Many strength and conditioning programs try to achieve maximum speed results, but fail.  Why not gain strength and endurance levels all while becoming a faster, quicker, and a more explosive athlete?

Here are 5 reasons why Speed training is a better option.

#5.   Overall Fitness Level.

Although a conditioning programs will elevate a person’s cardiovascular system, it’s nothing a good Speed Training Program can’t do.  Speed training increases your metabolism which translates into more fat burning throughout the week….something the regular conditioning program is not designed to do.

#4.   Fatigue

Speed Training manages fatigue whereas most conditioning programs pound you with fatigue.  When the body gets fatigued, it becomes less efficient and effective.  Speed training, especially with us will be similar to how a progressive strength training is performed.  Athletes will be required to give 100% over a specific time, then allowed to rest, giving the athlete a short break to get ready for the next 100% rep.

#3.   The Real Deal

Nothing can duplicate the actual “game” for the athlete.  But the closest someone can come to the real experience is with speed training.  The practice of hard sprints and cuts will give the athlete the closest experience to the “real” thing.  And if I had a choice from practicing on the field or hitting the weights for my team, I would take the field every time.

 #2.   A Game Changer

If your goal is to just get in shape and be able to last a little longer in a game, then a good strength and conditioning program will work just fine.  But speed is a game breaker.   When evenly matched in strength, speed clearly dominates.  If you want you or your team to compete at a high level, then speed needs to be top priority.

      #1.  Injury Prevention

Safety is #1 for most if not all programs.  But with most programs burning the body out and running until you look tired attitude, this induces fatigue.  When fatigue sets in there is a higher risk of injuries.  An effective speed program with purposeful warm ups and a machine approach to learning movements will keep athletes performing throughout the season

Who Speed Training is for

– Football players who want to explode off the line
– Basketball players who want to jump higher
– Baseball players who want to throw and hit harder
– Soccer players who want to change direction quicker
– Volleyball players who want to prevent knee and ankle injuries
– Tennis players who want to cover more ground
– Track athletes who want to run faster

AUTHOR: John Williams
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