We had 22 Athlete of the Week Winners(showing 21) to choose from this past year to win a prize.

The decision was based on several factors such as consistent academic and athletic performance as well as overall behavior and services to the community.



On December 14th, 2016 we had our first Athlete of the Year Celebration.  See also this blog post.

  • We had basketball games and treats for those who came in attendance
  • We picked 2 runner ups and an outright winner


The Athlete of the Year Winner received

  • A $40 Gift Card for Academy
  • A Free Haircut from Travis Street Salons(Eric Ross)


The Runner Ups received…

  • A Free Haircut from Salon Head 2 Toe(Shannon Lowe)


All AOW Winners who attended also received

  • a coupon for Free Dairy Queen Treat(Sherman, Sunset Blvd)


We also appreciate our reward partners for contributing prizes

  • Dairy Queen (Sherman, Sunset Blvd)
  • Salon Head 2 Toe (Van Alstyne)
  • Travis Street Salons (Sherman)


Below are the 2016 Runner-Ups and Athlete of the Year.  Before being selected, parents were required to write a letter about their AOW’s accomplishments throughout the past year.  The text next to the pics reflects some of the info and highlights gathered from the letters.

Aaliyah Green – Athlete of the Year

During my time with Aaliyah, I noticed a tenacity that few have at her age. She is the type of person that when told to do a drill or exercise, you could look away or be gone for 10 minutes and she would still be doing the drill as fast as she could as if you never left. After reading her letter of how 2016 went and how she has overcame the loss of her dad and still continues to persevere and excel both academically and athletically, amazing her coaches with her hustle and ability, it was clear who the 2016 winner should be.

Julian Delgado(left) and Jackson McGee(right) – Runner Ups.

Julian Delgado, 2016 Runner Up

Julian loves playing basketball day in and out none stop! He is more focused now on his grades in school so he can continue playing basketball. He has really grown up so much this year and has always been a great kid. He has received 4 rewards this year for Math, Reading, P.E and Art. He also loves to help out; helping out with house work as well as in the classroom.


Jackson McGee, 2016 Runner Up

Jackson had a very full year with a very diversified list of experiences and accomplishments which has contributed to many improvements not only athletically, but in skills such as listening and discipline as well.

His year started with  Martial Arts, Baseball and Basketball Leagues, and The NLTI Basketball Clinics.  He has also worked diligently on his schoolwork while his reading and math skills have improved greatly.  He is an avid member of his Church, regularly attending Sunday school, weekly Church Life group with his family, and several special church events including a week long “Sports Camp” this last summer.